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IISER Mohali's Technology Business Incubator was founded in 2018 to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of science and technology. TBI IISER Mohali is working to transform and create a deep impact across the start-up ecosystem through innovation knowledge and technology adoption, with support from the Department of Science and Technology. TBI IISER Mohali is operating within the NISP initiative of MoE.

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IISER Mohali is one of North India's most prestigious science institutes, located in the Knowledge City (Mohali). It is a major player in scientific research and innovation in this area, the country, and around the world. With a cutting-edge research facility and a staggering 200 crores invested in research equipment and laboratories, IISER aims to reimagine the future of innovative startups and mark its imprint in the world of entrepreneurship. Boasting a world-class faculty comprising of highly reputed scientists in the world, with several cutting-edge research initiatives and projects, some of which have been patented and acknowledged internationally, the incubator provides an incredible platform to turn ideas into reality.


Prof. J Gowrishankar

Director, IISER Mohali


Chairman's Note

We at IISER Mohali pride ourselves in being the leading institute promoting science and innovation across India. Our endeavour of establishing Technology Business Incubator ( i-RISE) at IISER Mohali thrives off the drive to empower young minds to turn innovative ideas into reality! We aim to empower the next generation of leaders to find solutions to the problems of the future, to take charge of the rising fervour of creation and competence that will mark a better and brighter India.

TBI IISER has been renamed I-RISE (IISER-Raising Innovative & Sustainable Enterprises), which represents the incubator's mission. i-RISE has carefully tailored programmes for entrepreneurs based on their level and trajectory. Startups incubated at i-RISE benefit from unparalleled technological mentorship from the respected faculty of IISER Mohali, as well as business mentoring from a vast network of mentors. The overall growth of incubated startups benefit from this exceptional combination of deep domain experience and customer side intelligence. These programme features dramatically boost a startup's ability to develop product-market fit, market access, and other dynamic business dimensions, resulting in a substantial increase in the startup's viability and market readiness.

I-RISE also allows incubated companies to apply for grants and highlight opportunities from different partner government programmes as part of the initiative. It also allows incubated startups to present themselves to investor venture capital funds to collect funds for batch startups.

i-RISE is a total solution network for science and technology-based companies, offering an outstanding combination of product and business side support, product and service commercialization, and access to numerous government and non-government opportunities.

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